The Birmingham Children's Hospital Owl

The Big Hoot, Birmingham 2015
In Aid of Birmingham Children's Hospital

Jack, VJ Day, Councillor Anita Ward

Jack, Councillor Anita Ward   Jack. Hall of Memory
Councillor Anita Ward                                                                          

Guardof Honour for Jack
Guard of Honour for "Jack" from the Standard Bearers

Florence Nightin'owl   The Graduate

Leo   Bluey, Great
                          Western Aracde   Tessellated Triangle

Unity in Diversity - The Encephallitis

Wise Old Owl, Library of Birmingham   Alf the Penquin Owl,
                        Victoria Square   Our
                        Happy Hospit-owl

Welcome to Birmingham Centenary Square   Saltley
                          Stories, Ward End Park

Owl by Night, Catherdal Square   Under the Glow
                            of Moonlight, Cathedral Square   TropicOwl, Centenary Square

Owl Aboard, Birmingham New Street
                            Station   Owlbert, Centenary Square

Happy Birthday FEED, Birmingham Metropoliton
                    College   Bluey,
                    Great Western Arcade   Dotty, Old Square, Birmingham

The Big Hoot, Millenium Point   The Green Owl, Millenium


Active   Clash   Delivered by Owl

Dr Whoot   I see a Darkness

New Street Flyer   Nightingale   Owl by Night

One Giant Hoot fot Owlkind   Skyline 2015

OZZZ'S OWL   Priceless   Re-Tail

Selfie   Showldon

Skyclad   Starlight   Tick Tock

Unity in Diversity   Wise Owl

Birmingham 2015